Wabi Sabi Style

A good-quality kitchen cloth can be loved by anyone

The Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth is an ideal compact present for family and friends. The cloth is inexpensive (under $10!), yet it is durable and long-lasting. With each use, it will become softer. There are many patterns to pick from. Find the ones that are likely to become their favourites!
Shirayuki means "white snow" in Japanese. The cloth will stay as clean as white snow for a long time.


Great gift for the gardener in your life 

High quality sheers made with a unique design that fits your palm. The blades made  using premium steel from Japan, hand forged by a master black smith from  Niigata, Japan. It comes in a beautiful box so ready to be gifted to any gardener. 


Furoshiki: Wrap Your Gifts with Zero Waste

Furoshiki is made of high-quality natural fabric. Wrapping with furoshiki is fun and easy. You can stick with the super easy basic wrapping methods; or you can show off your creativities and wrapping skills. The possibilities are endless.  
It is a much more sustainable alternative, compared to traditional wrapping materials such as plastic coated gift bags and boxes.
It is easy to wrap items with odd shapes when using furoshiki. You can wrap just about anything. Wine bottles, bananas, soccer balls, teddy bears? No problem! Bring them on!


Karmi Tea canisters will make a fabulous gift for any tea lover

Karmi is a hand-crafted tea canister with a contemporary minimalistic shape that fits in your hand. Karmi is a name inspired by one of the Haiku poetries. It means "lightness."
Each canister is hand-sculpted by artisans in Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture. The inner cap seals the canister, keeping it airtight and protecting the tea leaves from humidity and temperature. It comes in a box.


Kujira (whale)-shaped carbon steel utility knife from Tosa

Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of the Kujira Knife. This very versatile fixed blade knife will surprise you with extraordinary quality.
These hand forged unique multi-purpose utility knife is sure to be a conversation piece. With proper care, your Kujira Knife will last a lifetime.


Do it yourself Kintsugi Kit. It Comes with everything you need

Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional art of mending broken objects with gold or silver dusted lacquer. The end product is one-of-a-kind artwork that is frequently more stunning than it was before it was broken. Kintsugi beautifully captures the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi which embraces the elegance of imperfection. This kit include everything you need to try your had at Kinsugi