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Kujira Carbon Steel Knives - The Wabi Sabi Shop

Tosa Kujira Carbon Steel Knives

Step into the rich history of Tosa blacksmith craftsmanship with the remarkable... 

For Tea and Coffee Lovers

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Japanese Incense

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Beautiful Furoshiki - A Thoughtful Eco – Friendly Gift

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese squire fabric with a thousand-year history. Today, furoshiki has become a popular choice for carrying various items.

It's a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and packaging, and can be tied in different ways to accommodate various shapes and sizes. It's a fun and creative way to carry your belongings while reducing your environmental impact. Traditionally made from silk or cotton, these versatile cloths were a practical and stylish way to transport items. 

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Totes and Purses

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Tsubame Sanjo - The Wabi Sabi Shop

Tsubame Sanjo

Tsubame Sanjo is the name of a region in Japan well-known for...