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Furoshiki 104 Reversible - Isa Monyo, Cherry Blossom Pink/Green

Furoshiki 104 Reversible - Isa Monyo, Cherry Blossom Pink/Green

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Drawing inspiration from Japan’s revered tradition of Kataezome 型絵染め, Isa Monyo 伊砂文様 introduces a contemporary twist through its innovative and delicate patterns. Embraced by the world of kimono and furoshiki, Isa Monyo emanates timeless elegance and cultural charm.

The cherry blossom, known as “sakura” in Japanese, is a beloved symbol of happiness and the arrival of spring. This pattern captures the essence of joy and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

This reversible furoshiki is printed and dyed using a unique technique that maintains identical patterns on both sides while featuring two different colors with beautiful contrast.

It is an ideal size for use as a tablecloth or as a furoshiki bag. The bag can be made quite large, making it suitable for shopping, traveling, and as a disaster preparedness item.

Makes the Perfect Gift
The furoshiki is elegantly wrapped with a motif-designed paper band, which includes explanations of the patterns' meanings. It makes an excellent gift, as it contains images showcasing different wrapping methods. All information is provided in both Japanese and English.

Made with care in Kyoto, Japan.


100% Cotton


104 x 104 cm (41″ x 41″)

Care information

Machine washable or hand washable.
Take caution of potential color transfer when wet.
Iron with a pressing cloth at a temperature of 180-210°C.

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