About Us

Our Mission

Cars, cameras, amine, Godzilla, Karaoke, and sushi come to people's minds when they think of made-in-Japan products. Yes, they represent Japanese product design's uniqueness, creativity, and quality. However, there are plenty more Japanese products created with the same philosophy yet discovered.

We started the Wabi Sabi Shop in the spring of 2017 to bring Japanese homeware to people around the world. We are committed to delivering you everyday tools that bring joy to your life. All of the items in our store are manufactured in Japan using environmentally sustainable processes and materials. As a result, the products last longer and serve more purposes. Those products allow us to live a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

The manufacturers in Japan take pride in their work and strive for perfection. They've spent centuries honing their skills. Their techniques and products have evolved in response to today's changing needs. Every time you use or hold one of these items in your hand, you'll be reminded of Japan's exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Discover Japanese-made items that will bring happiness to your living!

  • Authenticity

    Every product is a genuine piece of Japanese craftsmanship, bringing authenticity directly to your home.

  • Sustainability

    We prioritize products made with sustainable practices, aligning with your eco-conscious lifestyle.

  • Durability

    Our selection focuses on items designed for longevity, offering beauty and functionality that lasts.

  • Curated Choices

    Our carefully curated collection simplifies finding the perfect item, ensuring quality over quantity.

  • Cultural Connection

    Each item is a bridge to Japanese heritage, enriching your home with stories of artistry and tradition.

  • Value

    We offer items that are an investment in quality, designed to enrich your life and home over time.

  • Koko at The Wabi Sabi Shop


    Hey there! I'm Koko, the founder and curator. With a blend of East and West in my heart, I've spent time soaking in the cultures and values of both worlds. Now, my passion lies in discovering exceptional, eco-friendly products made in Japan and sharing them with people all over the globe.

    At our store, you'll find a carefully curated selection of high-quality Japanese treasures, each lovingly crafted with sustainability in mind. From traditional artistry to innovative designs, our products reflect the best of Japan's craftsmanship, built to stand the test of time.

    Join me on this exciting journey of cultural exploration and eco-conscious living. Let's celebrate the beauty of Japan and make a positive impact on our planet together, one eco-friendly treasure at a time!

  • Yasu at The Wabi Sabi Shop


    Hello there! I'm Yasu. My role is to connect with manufacturers and bring you the very best of Japan's craftsmanship—exceptional products made with dedication and precision.


    I'm thrilled to offer you products that perfectly match modern lifestyles all over the world. Each item in our curated selection reflects the artistry and creativity of Japanese creators. From traditional techniques to modern designs, our collection embodies Japan's rich cultural heritage.


    I can promise that these products will bring joy to your everyday life.

    With passion and purpose, we share these remarkable creations with you and the world. Join me on this journey of appreciation for Japan's craftsmanship and commitment to a greener future!

  • Kats at The Wabi Sabi Shop


    Greetings! I'm Kats, the one in charge of packing and shipping your orders.


    When it comes to your packages, I take accuracy and safety seriously. With meticulous care, I ensure that each item is well-packaged and sent on its way promptly.


    No matter where you are in the world, I work hard to make sure your treasures from Japan arrive in perfect condition. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I'm here to provide outstanding customer service throughout the shipping process.


    Let's make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

    I can't wait to bring a smile to your face when your order arrives right on time!