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Kujira Knife Bryde's Whale

Kujira Knife Bryde's Whale

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Unveil the enchanting beauty of the Bryde's Whale Kujira Knife, an extraordinary creation inspired by the majestic creatures that grace the coastal waters of Tosa, Kochi. Crafted using traditional Tosa cutlery techniques passed down since the Edo period, this hand-forged knife embodies the essence of precision and quality.

Bryde's Whales, named after Norwegian consul Johan Bryde, are known for their sleek bodies and graceful presence. These gentle giants, which frequent the warm waters surrounding Kochi Prefecture, inspire the design of this remarkable multi-purpose utility knife.

Don't let its adorable whale shape deceive you—this versatile fixed blade knife is specifically crafted for precision tasks and intricate work. From slicing herbs to peeling fruits, the Bryde's Whale Kujira Knife effortlessly glides through ingredients, unveiling its exceptional sharpness and enduring edge.

As a conversation starter, this unique utility knife carries the legacy of bladesmith Satoshi Yamashita's artistry. With proper care, this remarkable piece will be your trusted companion for a lifetime. And for added convenience and protection, it comes with a sleek case.

Made in Tosa, Kochi Prefecture, Japan


Shiroko High-Carbon Steel (White Steel)
Grade: Black Finish (Kurouchi)


18 x 5 cm

Care information

To prevent rust, clean blades thoroughly after use and wipe them dry. Do not use fire for sterilization; boiling water is recommended. Apply blade maintenance oil or vegetable oil to prevent rust if not used for a while. Store blades wrapped in newspaper to guard against moisture. If blades are in a case, remove them and store them wrapped in newspaper.

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