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Furoshiki 100 – Hime Musubi Adeline Klam, Peony Orange

Furoshiki 100 – Hime Musubi Adeline Klam, Peony Orange

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Peonies, known for their timeless beauty and significance, have been cherished as noble flowers for centuries. They have often been used to epitomize the grace and allure of women.

The classic image of the grand peony takes on a fresh and contemporary allure with French-inspired colors. The result is a design that marries the elegance of Japan with the chic vibrancy of France.

uroshiki effortlessly fits into both fashion and interior design. It can be a chic bag, a graceful shawl, or even a tasteful addition to your interior decor as a cushion cover or fabric, elevating your everyday with a touch of sophistication.

Each item comes with a handy instruction booklet.

Made with care in Kyoto, Japan.


100% cotton


100 x 100 cm (39.4″ x 39.4″)

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