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Redline Selvedge Japanese Denim Tote

Redline Selvedge Japanese Denim Tote

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The self-finished edges of the denim feature red yarn in between the white, adding an iconic redline detail around the opening of this tote. Handcrafted from Japanese denim fabric produced in Okayama, the denim capital of Japan, this tote embodies the artistry and craftsmanship of skilled artisans.

Okayama denim is known for its ability to fade beautifully over time, creating a deeply rich and tasteful fabric. Unlike machine-made denim, Okayama denim develops a unique and enchanting color fading that transforms the fabric into a true masterpiece.

Carry the Redline Selvedge Japanese Denim Tote and showcase your appreciation for timeless style and impeccable quality.

Made in Japan


Japanese Cotton Denim


40 (W) x 11 (D) x 35 (H) cm

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