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Furoshiki 100 Water-Repellent – Isa Monyo Knot Khaki

Furoshiki 100 Water-Repellent – Isa Monyo Knot Khaki

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Crafted from a thin, soft material, water-repellent furoshiki slips effortlessly into your bag, always ready to protect your belongings from sudden rain. With its water-repellent treatment, furoshiki offers endless possibilities.

Its resistance to water and stains makes it suitable not only for shopping but also for outdoor activities, poolside relaxation, and sports events. In Japan, it is gaining recognition as a valuable addition to disaster preparedness kits.

Its water-repelling power is so strong that you can even use it to carry water. The 100cm size is versatile, making it suitable for various applications, including different bag shapes and interior fabrics.

By incorporating polyester fibers, including repurposed uniforms, 55% of the materials have been transformed into eco-friendly recycled polyester, all while maintaining the same durability in the water-repellent coating as in previous products.

Founded by the late Kunio Isa, the Isa Monyo Research Institute breathes new life into patterns and designs from the late 1940s Showa era, enhancing modern design aesthetics.

Should you notice the water repellent effect weakening, a straightforward solution is readily available: a quick ironing at a medium temperature effectively restores its water-repelling properties. This not only reduces waste but also ensures your product remains dependable and environmentally conscious.

Each item comes with a handy instruction booklet for your convenience.

Made with care in Kyoto, Japan.


100% polyester (55% recycled polyester)


100 x 100 cm (39.4″ x 39.4″)

Care information

Machine washable or hand washable.
Take caution of potential color transfer when wet.
Iron with a pressing cloth at a temperature of 180-210°C.

Typically, the water repellent effect should last for several years under normal use. If the water repellency of the furoshiki diminishes over time, you can restore it by using a medium-temperature iron with a cloth as a barrier on the surface.

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