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Kujira Knife Fin Whale

Kujira Knife Fin Whale

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Embark on a culinary adventure with the Fin Whale Kujira Knife, a masterpiece inspired by the magnificent creatures that frequent the coastal waters of Tosa, Kochi. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using traditional Tosa cutlery techniques, this hand-forged knife combines elegance with exceptional functionality.

Fin Whales, known as the "greyhounds of the sea," captivate with their streamlined bodies and impressive size. Drawing inspiration from their beauty and grace, the Fin Whale Kujira Knife showcases a unique shape that sets it apart as a culinary work of art.

Designed for precision and versatility, this fixed blade utility knife is perfect for a variety of culinary tasks. From slicing and dicing to intricate preparations, the Fin Whale Kujira Knife effortlessly handles it all, allowing you to unleash your culinary creativity with confidence.

Experience the extraordinary quality of this multi-purpose kitchen tool as it glides through ingredients, delivering exceptional performance with every cut. With proper care, this remarkable piece will become your trusted companion, enhancing your culinary journey for years to come. For added convenience and protection, it comes with a stylish case.

Made in Tosa, Kochi Prefecture, Japan


Shiroko High-Carbon Steel (White Steel)
Grade: Black Finish (Kurouchi)


18 x 5 cm

Care information

To prevent rust, clean blades thoroughly after use and wipe them dry. Do not use fire for sterilization; boiling water is recommended. Apply blade maintenance oil or vegetable oil to prevent rust if not used for a while. Store blades wrapped in newspaper to guard against moisture. If blades are in a case, remove them and store them wrapped in newspaper.

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