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Furoshiki 104 Reversible – Isa Monyo, Knot Blue/Orange

Furoshiki 104 Reversible – Isa Monyo, Knot Blue/Orange

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Drawing inspiration from Japan's revered tradition of Kataezome 型絵染め, or stencil dyeing, Isa Monyo 伊砂文様 introduces a contemporary twist to this ancient craft. Known for its innovative and delicate patterns, Isa Monyo has gained acclaim in the world of kimonos and furoshiki, offering timeless elegance and cultural charm.

The intricate knot patterns symbolize the interconnectedness of human relationships. In Japan, these designs are traditionally considered symbols of gratitude, making them ideal for family celebrations and weddings.

This reversible furoshiki boasts identical patterns on both sides, achieved through a unique dyeing technique that allows for contrasting colors. This feature not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also adds versatility to its use.

Ideal for various purposes, this furoshiki measures perfectly for use as a tablecloth or for fashioning into a large, sturdy bag. As a bag, it's suitable for shopping, traveling, and even as a practical item for disaster preparedness, showcasing both functionality and style.

Isa Monyo's commitment to preserving traditional techniques while innovating for modern use makes this furoshiki a unique blend of art and practicality.

Makes the Perfect Gift
The furoshiki is elegantly wrapped with a motif-designed paper band, which includes explanations of the patterns' meanings.It makes an excellent gift, as it contains images showcasing different wrapping methods. All information is provided in both Japanese and English.

Made with care in Kyoto, Japan.


100% Cotton


104 x 104 cm (41″ x 41″)

Care information

Machine washable or hand washable.
Take caution of potential color transfer when wet.
Iron with a pressing cloth at a temperature of 180-210°C.

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