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Shuro Whisk Broom Small

Shuro Whisk Broom Small

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Whisk brooms made with shuro fiber work on any surface, including wood, carpet, furniture, and bed linen. I keep one in the back of our car. Very useful for getting rid of any dirt quickly.

It can also be used to brush away soil, dirt, mud, pollen, and other particles from clothes that can only be dry-cleaned.

Shuro fiber is one of the best natural fibers as they are extremely thin, elastic, supple, and durable. The fiber has been widely used as ropes and nets in fishing, transportation, packing, and construction. 

This whisk broom will last for many, many years.

Made in Wakayama, Japan


Shuro palm fiber, copper wire, black bamboo handle


10 x 25 cm

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