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How to Care for your Shuro Broom


While the shuro broom is becoming more popular in Japan and around the world, the number of people who know how to make them is going down. This has made the shuro broom even more valuable in recent years.

If you look closely at the broom, you will see that it is made by wrapping copper wire around a bundle of shuro. The way the craftsman tightens the copper wire and attaches the metal parts makes a good broom that sweeps the floor evenly.

But no matter how good your broom is, if you don't care for it, it won't last as long. It won't be as useful, then, you won't use it as much.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your broom lasts a long time.

At the Beginning of Use

Since the broom is made of rolled-up bark, it will always produce some shuro dust (shavings) the first time you use it. Please shake it off once outside. It will disappear with more use, so there is no need to worry.


The angle of the broom's tip affects how easy it is to sweep. It is very important not to leave it standing on the floor with the tip pointing down. It will bend the fiber at the tip.

It is best to keep the broom facing up or hung. I keep mine hung on the wall hook. Dust and hair should be removed at the end of the cleaning process to keep the it clean. The debris easily brush off because the broom is made of natural material. It does not like places with too much humidity or dryness. So avoid those environment when storing the broom. That's all there is to it. It is very easy to clean with the broom and simple to care.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Tools!

Brooms do not require electricity and are extremely quiet when in use. They are exceptionally long, lightweight, and made entirely of natural materials. All of this contributes to a more sustainable way of life. I'd say it's all win win win.

Happy sweeping with the Shuro Brooms!

Oh! And don't forget. The Harimi Dustpan makes the best cleaning buddies with the Shuro Broom!


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