Kujira Whale Knives Care Guide

Maintaining and Storing Japanese Blades: Best Practices

How can I prevent rusting of Kujira knife blades?

To prevent rusting, perform appropriate maintenance and storage after use. Clean the blade thoroughly using detergent or similar cleaning agents after each use. Then, use a dry towel or cloth to completely wipe away any moisture.

Can I use fire to sterilize and dry the knives?

No, using fire to sterilize and dry knives is strictly prohibited. Heating the blade can cause it to lose its temper, resulting in a significant decrease in sharpness. If you wish to sterilize, it is recommended to use boiling water disinfection instead.

How can I protect the blades from rust during storage?

If the blade will not be used for a while, lightly apply blade maintenance oil or vegetable oil, such as salad oil, to prevent rust. For knives and hatchets, we recommend using specialized blade maintenance oil. However, note that salad oil may become sticky and difficult to remove over time. If the blades will be stored for an extended period, it is advisable to wash off the oil and reapply it at least once a year or use specialized blade maintenance oil.

What is the best way to store Kujira knife blades?

After applying maintenance oil, it is recommended to store the blades wrapped in newspaper. Ensure that they are thoroughly dried and store them in a dry location. Newspaper acts as a barrier against moisture, making it an ideal storage method.

How should I store traditional Japanese knives that come in a case?

If the blades are in a case, such as traditional Japanese knives, remove them from the case and wrap them in newspaper for storage. This helps protect the blades from moisture and rust.