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Shirokiya Denbei Edo Broom

Shirokiya Denbei Edo Broom

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Established in 1830, Shirokiya Denbei is a specialty store producing and selling Edo brooms. They're based in Kyobashi, Tokyo. Next to Tokyo Bay, the Kyobashi area flourished as a bamboo market in the late Edo era. Shirokiya Denbei has been producing Edo brooms using techniques passed down since the Edo period.

Edo brooms are made from bamboo for the handle and a kind of sorghum called broom corn for the bristles. Designed for indoor use, this flexible broom can be used to sweep a variety of surfaces, such as tatami mats, hard floors and carpets.

There are only three craftsmen who are weaving and making the Shirokiya Denbei brooms. Head craftsman Mr. Seiichi Takano carefully picks the materials and ensures the high quality of all brooms woven at the Shorokiya Denbei.

When the bristles' tip gets fractured after many years of usage, you can cut off the damaged tip using scissors. That will restore the broom. Once it gets used even more and the bristles get shorter, you can then bring the broom to outdoor use. If used properly, the broom would last as long as 10 years. 

Mr. Takagi says that he does not want Edo brooms to be considered as "works of art." He believes that his brooms should be used and consumed as they are everyday tools. "Still, I don't want them to be mistreated. I'd like you to treat them with care."

Made in Tokyo, Japan


Broom corn sorghum, bamboo handle


25 x 75 to 80 cm

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