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Shirokiya Denbei Edo Broom

Shirokiya Denbei Edo Broom

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Masterfully Crafted for Everyday Cleaning

Step into a world of tradition and craftsmanship with the Shirokiya Denbei Edo Broom. Established in 1830, Shirokiya Denbei is a specialty store renowned for producing and selling these iconic Edo brooms, rooted in the rich heritage of Kyobashi, Tokyo.

In the late Edo era, Kyobashi thrived as a bamboo market near Tokyo Bay, and it is here that the artistry of Shirokiya Denbei Edo Brooms took shape. Passed down through generations, their time-honored techniques continue to grace homes today.

Crafted with meticulous care, the Edo broom features a handle made from sturdy bamboo and bristles composed of a unique sorghum variety known as broom corn. Designed specifically for indoor use, this versatile broom effortlessly sweeps various surfaces, including tatami mats, hard floors, and carpets.

Behind each Edo broom, there are only three skilled craftsmen, with Mr. Seiichi Takano leading the way as the head craftsman. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Mr. Takano carefully selects the finest materials, ensuring that every broom woven at Shirokiya Denbei meets the highest standards.

Over time, as the bristles endure years of use, the tips may become fractured. Fear not, as simple maintenance can restore the broom's effectiveness. By trimming the damaged tips with scissors, the broom will be rejuvenated. As the bristles naturally shorten with extended usage, the broom seamlessly transitions to outdoor cleaning tasks. With proper care, these brooms can last up to a decade, accompanying you through countless cleaning endeavors.

While Mr. Takagi humbly rejects the notion of his brooms being considered "works of art," he ardently believes in their purpose as everyday tools to be cherished. Although not fragile, he implores users to handle them with care, treating them as objects deserving of respect and appreciation.

Experience the legacy of Shirokiya Denbei Edo Broom, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern cleaning needs. Embrace the beauty and functionality of this remarkable broom, allowing it to elevate your daily cleaning routine to new heights.

Made in Tokyo, Japan


Broom corn sorghum, bamboo handle


25 x 75 to 80 cm

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