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Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth - Chrysanthemum

Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth - Chrysanthemum

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In Japanese culture, Chrysanthemum (kiku) holds a significant place as the flower of the Chrysanthemum Throne and symbol of the imperial family. Its presence represents longevity, renewal, and hope. Its delicate and symmetrical blooms are also used in tea ceremony rooms to symbolize elegance and refinement.

This multi-purpose cloth makes excellent drying/cleaning cloths. Not only do they pick up liquid and dirt quickly and effectively, but they also wash clean without any hassle. Because of the 8 layers of mesh cloth stitched together, they are extremely durable and guaranteed to last. It will become softer with each use. 

Please wash thoroughly in warm water by hand before the first use to remove the starch. They use natural sweet potato starch from Kagoshima prefecture in Japan. Soak in hot water at 40 degrees to let the starch soften. Rinse until water comes out clean. 

Made in Nara Prefecture, Japan


Viscose 85%, Cotton 15%


30 x 40 cm (12 x 15 inches)

Care information

Hand wash is recommended. When washing in a washing machine, use a laundry net.
Please air dry and avoid tumble drying to avoid shrinkage.

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