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Shigaraki Mug - Kushime Kohiki

Shigaraki Mug - Kushime Kohiki

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Kohiki is your companion in mindful living. With its timeless craftsmanship and sustainable materials, it serves as a gentle reminder to embrace a more intentional and eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Kushime technique used in making this mug involves engraving parallel lines on the soft clay with a comb that has many small tips. This creates a special texture on the surface of the mug that feels nice to touch.

The Kohiki technique is also used, where white mud with a lot of water is applied all over the colored clay. This makes the mug look whiter and adds depth to its appearance.

The Shigaraki Mug - Kushime Kohiki is not only a functional mug for enjoying your favorite drinks but also a work of art that represents the rich tradition of Japanese pottery. It will add elegance to your daily routine and bring joy to your tea or coffee moments.

Made in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.


The warm, orange-hued sandy clay from Lake Biwa's bed is known for its durability and characterizes Shigaraki pottery.


10 cm diameter, 8 cm high, 380 ml capacity

Care information

Proper Care: Hand Wash Only
Not suitable for dishwashers, microwaves, or ovens.

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