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AUX Butter Slicer

AUX Butter Slicer

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Easily split a stick of butter into 40 slices by simply pressing the butter slicer from the top.

Slice into 5g or 11g pieces without measuring
One 200g stick of butter will be sliced into 5g pieces.
One 450g stick of butter will be sliced into 11g pieces.

You can also use them for baking or cooking without having to measure them.

Having a stick of butter thinly sliced ahead of time saves you time and it is less messy!
You only need to do this once when you get a new stick of butter.

Step 1: Leave the butter at room temperature so it's not cold and hard.

Step 2: Press the butter slicer from the top. Viola!

There you have it: 40 slices of butter, thinly and beautifully sliced and ready to be used. Because it is now thinly sliced, the butter melts easily and will no longer rip holes in your toast!

After slicing the butter, you only have to wash the slicer. The cutting board is clean. No knife to be washed. There isn't much grease on your fingers at all.

Sturdy wire for easy cutting Sturdy body with aluminum alloy frame and stainless-steel wire for increased rigidity. As a result of repeated model changes and enhancements, there has been no trouble with wire breakage or damage.

Made in Japan in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture


[Body] Aluminum alloy with silicon resin coating [Wire] 18/8 Stainless Steel


Width 10cm x Length 23cm x Height 2cm

Care information

Hand washing is recommended as putting it in the dishwasher may cause damage.

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