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The Classic Japanese Bento Box

The Classic Japanese Bento Box

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This classic Japanese bento box has rustic and nostalgic look. It is both lightweight and durable, making it easy for even children to carry.

It can be used to store small items like a sewing box or stationery. There are no dividers inside so it can hold a variety of items.

It is heat resistant and has 15 times the thermal conductivity of stainless steel, allowing it to be heated quickly and, when paired with a cooling agent, can keep food cool even in hot temperatures.

The oxide film on the surface makes it more scratch-resistant than plastic, and bacteria are less likely to get into the scratches, making it hygienic. The anodized aluminum coating makes it highly resistant to corrosion, so there won't be any issues even if you put acidic foods such as pickled plums or pickles in it.

Worried about food odors and stains? You can put spaghetti with lots of sauce in it without worrying tomato-colored stains!


Made in Japan in Niigata Prefecture


Anodized aluminum


W170 mm × D110 mm × H45mm Capacity: Approx. 0.82L

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