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Why are brooms increasing popularity now?

What is it about brooms that is attracting so much attention right now when vacuum cleaners are the mainstream for cleaning floors? Here are some of the reasons:

They are light Weight. They are lighter than a vacuum cleaner. It’s so much easier to pick it up and quickly clean up the mess.

They are more environmentally friendly. No electricity is required. Choose brooms made of natural materials over those made of plastic.

They are quiet. Brooms make very little noise. It can be used early in the morning or late at night without disturbing anyone. It would be great for families who are concerned about noise, such as those who live in apartments or have young children who nap.

Two Types of Brooms: Shuro Brooms and Edo Brooms

There are two types of artisan handcrafted Japanese brooms: the Edo Broom, made from broomcorn, and the Shuro Palm Broom, made from shuro palm bark. Each type has its own unique benefits.

Edo Brooms are …

  • Lightweight and firm. Making it suitable for carpets and rugs as well as wood or tile flooring
  • Keep tips in good condition for a long period of time
  • Dust and debris do not get caught on the tips

Shuro Brooms are …

  • Water-resistant and soft
  • Ideal for cleaning hardwood floors. After years of use, the wood flooring acquires a glossy sheen.
  • Can be used for many decades

What is Shuro? Shuro is the collective term for plants in the palm family. Although the image of a palm tree is that it grows in warm climates, the shuro tree is cold tolerant and can be found all over Japan.

The biggest advantage I feel when I use a broom to clean is how quickly I can remove dust from places where a vacuum cleaner cannot. A broom can easily clean small spaces, such as under and between furniture, and on baseboard.

If you have not yet incorporated brooms into your life, now is the time!

If you haven't already, consider incorporating brooms into your cleaning routine. Check out the blog post from 2021 about the my beloved Edo broom, which has been used for the past decade.

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The fact that a broom is lighter than other cleaning tools and is, therefore, simpler to use around the house appeals to me as one of its benefits. My back has been hurting lately as a result of an incident that happened years ago, and using vacuums around the house may be a chore because they can be a little bulky. I appreciate you sharing this blog. I still want to clean the house, so choosing equipment that is lightweight will be helpful. I’ll be sure to look around my neighborhood for a broom that will fit my needs.


Victoria Addington

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