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Edo Broom: My 18-Year-Old Broom

Edo Brooms are built with extraordinary craftsmanship using only natural materials. They are built to last.

This is my Edo broom, which I've had for years.

Edo Broom: My 18-Year-Old Broom
When my daughter was a baby, I couldn't find the time to do a lot of cleaning, so I wanted to do a quick and easy sweep while she was napping. If I took out the big vacuum cleaner, the loud noise would wake her up. I decided to look for a high-quality, light weight, long lasting broom. That's when I bought this Shirokiya Denbei Edo broom.

Since then, whenever we moved to a new house, I've brought this broom with me. When I bought it, I had always intended to keep it for a long time, but we never thought that we would be able to use it for such a long time. My baby girl (in picture) is almost 20. And My Edo broom (also in picture) is still going strong!

Edo Broom: My 18-Year-Old Broom

Edo Broom

You can imagine Edo brooms are great in the tatami rooms, but also works great on any surface. They are super effective on hard wood floors, rugs, and also carpets!
What I like about them is their light weight. The lightness makes it extremely easy to maneuver with.
Mr. Satoru Nakamura, the seventh generation head of Shirokiya Nakamura Denbei Shoten, has continued to manufacture brooms while adhering to the concepts of "respecting nature and utilizing natural materials" and "without producing any unnecessary waste."
It looks like my favorite broom of the past 20 years will continue to work for a while longer. 


その時買ったのがこのShirokiya Denbeiの江戸箒である。


白木屋中村伝兵衛商店・7代目当主 中村悟さんは「自然を大切にし、自然の素材をそのまま使用する」 「不必要なゴミは一切出さない」という姿勢を守って箒を作り続けていらっしゃる。
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