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Shigaraki Salt Pot

Shigaraki Salt Pot

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Transform your seasoning experience with the Shigaraki Artisan Salt Pot. The porous Shigaraki clay ensures a perfect texture for any type of salt, preventing clumping and moisture retention.

Designed for the modern kitchen yet rooted in ancient craft, these pots offer a sleek, clean form with a user-friendly lid. Place the black and white pots together on your counter, ideal for dispensing popular salts like kosher salt, sea salt, or pink Himalayan. Elevate your seasoning game with a touch of Japanese elegance and practicality.

The dimensions of the Shigaraki Artisan Salt Pot are approximately 9.5cm in width, 9.5cm in depth, and 9cm in height, with a capacity of around 270 ml. Both variants share the same size specifications.

Made in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.


The warm, orange-hued sandy clay from Lake Biwa's bed is known for its durability and characterizes Shigaraki pottery.


Approximately 9.5cm in width, 9.5cm in depth, and 9cm in height, with a capacity of around 270ml

Care information

Proper Care: Hand Wash Only
Not suitable for dishwashers, microwaves, or ovens.

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