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Kanaya Hair Brush 1880G

Kanaya Hair Brush 1880G

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Elevate Your Beauty Routine with a Hairbrush that Improves Both Hair Shine and Facial Contours, Specially Designed for Fine Hair.

Kanaya Brush presents the 1880G Hair Brush, a luxurious addition to your hair care routine. Crafted with premium quality boar bristles and a black ebony handle, this hairbrush is made in Japan and reflects the company's highest level of brush craftsmanship.

For over a hundred years, Japanese women with fine to normal hair thickness and less volume have relied on Kanaya Brush's hairbrushes to keep their hair healthy and beautiful. The 1880G Hair Brush features a soft bristle that provides a gentle touch to your scalp, making it the perfect choice for those with fine to normal hair thickness and less volume. Its six rows of bristles deliver just the right amount of stimulation to your scalp for a relaxing massage and promoting hair growth. The anti-static properties of the bristles also reduce damage to your hair and prevent frizz, while leaving your hair looking shiny.

Kanaya's 1880G Hair Brush is perfect for medium to semi-long hair length and suitable for both adults and children. For those with fine to normal hair thickness and less volume, the 1880G hairbrush is the ideal choice to achieve beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair.

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    Premium quality boar bristles, Black ebony (黒檀) handle


    21 x 31 x 30 mm

    Care information

    Please note that our hairbrushes are not waterproof. Avoid using them when they are wet. Continued use on wet hair may cause the bristle roots to weaken and the wooden parts to deteriorate more quickly.

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