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Kanaya Brush for Hip Care

Kanaya Brush for Hip Care

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A Modern Twist on a Century of Craftsmanship – Kanaya Brush's Brush for Hip Care

Take care of your hips with the Brush for Hip Care from Kanaya Brush, a high-quality brush designed with exceptional craftsmanship. This brush is perfect for maintaining the skin around your hips and keeping it looking and feeling great.

The Brush for Hip Care has a slim, elongated shape that's perfect for reaching the areas around your hip joint that are hard to clean. Simply brush from bottom to top to give your hips the care they need.

Crafted from premium materials, the bristles of this brush are made with two layers arranged in a planting pattern that maximizes effectiveness and durability.

Order your Brush for Hip Care today and experience the superior quality of Kanaya Brush.

Made in Tokyo, Japan


Premium natural bristles, Hinoki (Japanese cypress) handle


200 x 55 x 45 mm

Care information

Please be mindful when using the brush as excessive pressure can cause the bristles to flatten or bend. Since the bristles are very soft, we recommend using the brush gently to ensure it maintains its shape and effectiveness over time.

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