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Tsukimi 2022

Hello there! What is the weather forecast in your area for tonight? I hope we have a clear night sky.

Every fall in Japan, Tsukimi (Mid-Autumn Moon Viewing Festival) is celebrated under the full moon. This year, it falls on September 10th. Yes, it’s tonight!

Observing and appreciating the beautiful full moon. Gathering under the moonlight with family and friends to eat dango (sweet rice cakes). This popular custom in Japan originally came from China in the Heian period (794-1185). Autumn air in Japan is dryer and less humid, enhancing the beauty of the full moon against the night sky.

Tsukimi Food 🍡
The most popular and traditional treats during Tsukimi season is Tsukimi dango. But today, Tsukimi dango is no longer Japan’s only traditional Tsukimi season favourite.

McDonald’s Tsukimi Burger is Japan’s Pumpkin Spice Latte?? 🍔
In North America people may feel that autumn has arrived when Starbucks begins serving pumpkin spice lattes. Similarly, in Japan, when McDonald’s starts selling Tsukimi burgers, it marks the arrival of autumn.


In 1991, McDonald's first introduced the Tsukimi Burgers, featuring a fried egg and creamy aurora sauce. Since then, McDonald’s has been offering these series of limited-time-only Tsukimi Burgers every September for more than 30 years!

Every year, they refresh the series with new burgers, desserts, and drinks. This year's featured burger is Sukiyaki Tsukimi Burger.

Mmm... That sounds really good.

If you're curious and want to see their menus and TV commercials, you can see them here.

Wishing you a Happy Tsukimi!

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