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The Japanese Yuzu Bath: Celebrating The Winter Solstice

This year, the winter solstice falls on December 22.

Many Japanese people celebrate the change of seasons with a traditional yuzu bath, which is a hot bath filled with the citrusy yuzu fruit.

Putting yuzu in the bath stimulates the blood circulation and warms the body. It is also good for dry skin in the winter. Yuzu baths can help you stay warm in the cold months. In the hot water, yuzu become even more fragrant. The citrus aroma is so relaxing and refreshing. My parents’ backyard has a yuzu tree that produces a lot of fruit every year. The tree gives us enough fruit for us to enjoy yuzu bath throughout the winter.

Yuzu Tree

This fragrant fruit isn’t just for baths; it’s also delicious as an ingredient in dishes. Yuzu adds a distinct, refreshing flavor to a wide range of dishes, from main dishes to desserts. It is also used in tea, cocktails, and juices. Our family enjoys hotpot for dinner druing the cold season, with a dipping sauce made of yuzu juice and soy sauce.

Stay warm and have a great Winter Solstice Day!  


How to Enjoy Yuzu Bath 🍋

Toss yuzu in the water to float. It will immediately release a lovely fragrance into the water and air. Some people prefer to have yuzu in a small cloth bag. Yuzu can also be cut in half to release more juices into the water. Soak and relax. 💛


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