Sunflowers are here!

Sunflowers are here!

It’s hard to believe we're already in August! How are things going for you?

It’s hot hot hot here in Japan right now.

Under the scorching sun, sunflowers are blooming and decorating the summer landscape.

In Japanese, sunflowers are called himawari (hi·muh·waw·ree). The word “hi” means the Sun, and “mawari” means rotating. It came from the belief that sunflowers rotate its flowers to face the direction of the sun.

The picture above is taken at Umami-kyuryo Park in Nara Prefecture. The park is one of the many locations in Japan that host Sunflower Festivals in the months of July and August. I love the view of sunflower field.

Just in time for the season, we now have the new Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth with beautiful sunflowers! During the hot summer months, it will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Why don’t you check them out! 🌻

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