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Shiwasu: The Perfect Name for the Month of December

Can you believe that we’re already in December? Where did the time go?

In Japan, December is considered one of the busiest months for everyone with so much to do!

It was in the late 19th century when the solar calendar was introduced to Japan from western countries. Up to that point, people in Japan used the old calendar known as lunisolar calendar.

In this old calendar, each month has a beautiful name that describes the month. They are still used occasionally. Those names give a sense of the season, and December is called 師走 (shi-wasu).

The first letter 師 means “monk, teacher, or master,” while the second letter 走 means “to run.”

Monks, teachers, and masters are wise, and normally act calm and quiet. However, during the month of December, everyone becomes extremely busy as the year nears its end. And monks, teachers, and masters are no exceptions.

That’s where the name 師走 came from. The name means it’s such a busy month that everyone, even the masters, would be running around!

Now we are in Shiwasu, and with Christmas and New Year approaching, it could be a hectic time for everyone. I hope you take good care of yourself and have a wonderful month ahead!

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