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Sakura Trees Are In Full Bloom In Tokyo This Week!

Do you have cherry blossom (sakura) trees in your city? Have your town’s cherry blossom bloomed yet?

Sakura is a very special flower to the Japanese people. (It's no surprise that there is cherry blossom emoji 🌸!) As the cherry blossom season approaches, the news reports cherry blossom blooming forecasts for the entire country. Every day, people check the forecast and look forward to the blooming of cherry blossoms in their own cities.


This year in Tokyo, it was recorded that sakura bloomed on March 22. This is 10 days earlier than the average of previous years. People gather under the cherry blossoms, eat hanami bento (cherry blossom viewing lunch boxes), and enjoy drinking sake and beer.

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the Tokyo area right now. Sadly, heartbreaking events are taking place in some parts of the world. I gaze up at the cherry blossoms and hope that the world will return to peace as soon as possible.

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful flowers.

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