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Kadomatsu🎍 — Emoji for Japanese New Year

Have you ever seen and wondered what this emoji 🎍 is?

It’s a picture of 門松 (Kadomatsu).

Kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese decoration that is often placed around the time of the New Year. They are always displayed in pairs. It is made up of two pine branches, two bamboo branches, and a paper or other ornament. They are put on both sides of the entrance to a house or building.

In Japan, it is traditional to display 門松 during the New Year period, which typically lasts from December 29th to January 3rd. Some people may put up their 門松 as early as a few days before the start of the New Year, while others may wait until the last minute. It is also common for people to take down their 門松 on the morning of January 4th or on the following weekend. The exact timing of when to put up and take down 門松 may vary depending on regional customs and personal preferences.

People believe that the arrangement will bring luck and wealth to the home in the coming year. The bamboo stands for stability, and the pine stands for long life and luck. The paper lantern or ornament is put in the middle to show that it's the new year and to keep away bad spirits.

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