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The Best Dish Sponges and Keeping Them Clean

How often do you usually replace your dish sponge?

I looked it up on Google. I found out that Martha Stewart wants you to change it every two weeks. She is right. Regular dish sponges you can buy in stores need to be replaced very often, which is bad for both the environment and your budget.

But if you use SK Dish Sponge, like I do, you only need to replace it once every two months (or longer even!).

SK Sponges are extremely durable and last for an incredibly long time. They dry fast, so it’s easy to keep it clean. Even after months of daily use, it still feels and works like brand new. It foams up great—an excellent way to reduce consumption of detergent and liquid soap.

Check out how they hold up!

I took a picture of my SK Sponge I used for the last two months (right) next to the brand new (left).
I opened a new package in the beginning of September. Although I used it heavily every single day, it is still holding up strong and works like new after two months.

Dish Sponge

You might think that it doesn’t matter what sponge you use. Try using SK sponge once. We are sure you will like it and keep coming back!

I really hope you give this sponge a try. We would send a lot fewer used sponges to the landfill. Every little action we take to reduce waste can have a big effect on our environment. 🌱

How to Keep Your Sponge Always Clean

  1. Wash after each use If you leave a used sponge as it is, it can accumulate bacteria. Wash the sponge after each use to keep it clean.
  2. Drain well after each use Bacteria can easily multiply if water or ingredients in detergent remain on the sponge. Sponges can be kept clean by thoroughly removing detergent and draining water.
  3. Sanitize Sponge Most bacteria are killed when exposed to boiling water of 75°C or higher for one minute or longer. I like to sterilize my sponge by leaving the sponge in 90°C water for about 1 minute. The easiest ways to kill bacteria in sponges is to clean them in your microwave or dishwasher. When there are extra space in the dishwasher, I toss my SK Sponge in the top rack with the drying cycle on.

Signs that it is time to replace your sponge:
 it becomes less foamy; (2) it loses volume and does not drain well; and (3) the surface begins to deteriorate.

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