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Toriwake Tongs Premium Black

Toriwake Tongs Premium Black

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Premium black finish
These are AUX Toriwake Tongs coated with fluoride. Fluorine coating protects the surface and also makes it easy to clean.

Cook without the mess with Fingertip!

Tongs Grasp your food with ease using these tongs instead of your fingers. Equipped with a unique spring action achieved through our advanced processing technology, they offer a soft, effortless grip, and eliminate slimy, sticky fingers.

Designed for versatility Ideal for separating thin slices of meat, breading, and various other delicate cooking tasks. With a head designed for maximum maneuverability, they provide a natural extension of your fingers.

Raised head for cleanliness
When resting the tongs upside down, the head will not come into contact with the surface, ensuring it remains clean and free from mess and residue.

Made in Japan in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture


18/8 Stainless Steel with the fluoropolymer coating process


Length 14.7 x Height 4.5cm

Care information

Caution: Avoid Direct Heat
These tongs should not be used over direct heat.
Proper Care: Hand Wash Only
When washing, avoid using cleansers or steel scrubbers. Hand wash only for best results.

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