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Long Bamboo Chopsticks for Cooking and Serving

Long Bamboo Chopsticks for Cooking and Serving

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In Japan, chopsticks are used not only during meals, but also when cooking and serving food. Cooking chopsticks are called saibashi and are made bamboo or wood. To keep hands away from the cooking flame, saibashi are typically much longer than eating chopsticks; typically about 30 cm long.

Since 1960, Kikusui Sangyo has been manufacturing and selling bamboo products that are made in Japan. These chopsticks are made using bamboo from Fukuoka and Kagoshima. They are 33 cm long. The triangular shape makes them easy to hold. The tips are round and thin. They are light, quick to dry, and extremely easy to use. 

Made in Japan in Kyushu


Bamboo, acrylic coating on surface


33 cm

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