Japanese Dish Cloth ‚Äď Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth - Lemon

Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth - Lemon

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Using Shirayuki Snow White Kitchen Cloth’s high-quality fine mesh cloth as a canvas, these cloths are Yuzen-dyed with a beautiful pattern on one side and white on the other side. Yuzen-dyeing is a dyeing technique used in Japan since the 8th century. It was developed in Kyoto, and the technique is used to dye kimonos.

Please wash thoroughly in warm water by hand before the first use to remove the starch. They use natural sweet potato starch from Kagoshima prefecture in Japan. Soak in hot water at 40 degrees to let the starch soften. Rinse until water comes out clean. 

Size: 30 x 35 cm (12 x 13.5 inches)
Material: Cotton, Viscose 
Made in Nara Prefecture, Japan

How to care for Shirayuki Kitchen Cloth
Please use a laundry net when washing in a washing machine. 
Preferably handwash.
Please air dry. 
Avoid tumble drying as the dryer will cause shrinkage.