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Japanese Glass Floats: From Essential Tool to Trendy Décor

Ever spotted a shiny, weathered glass ball in a home decor or antique store and wondered what it was? Meet the Japanese glass float, a little piece of maritime history that's making waves in home décor around the world.

A Brief Dive into History

Japanese glass floats, known as "ukidama" (浮玉), were originally used by Japanese fishermen to keep their fishing nets afloat. Crafted by skilled artisans, these floats were made from recycled glass—often from old sake bottles! They were designed to be tough, surviving the rough and tumble of the open sea.

From Fishing Tool to Coastal Cool

As fishing technology evolved, glass floats were replaced by modern materials. But instead of fading away, these glass treasures found new life as stylish ornaments. Beachcombers and collectors started finding them washed ashore, and their vintage charm quickly caught on in home decor and antique stores worldwide.

Why They’re a Hit in Home Décor

Japanese glass floats come in various colors, mainly shades of green and blue, with rare finds in amber, purple, or even red. Their frosted, weathered look, thanks to years in the ocean, adds a unique touch to any space. Whether you hang them, bowl them, or shelf them, these floats bring a bit of the ocean's magic into your home.

Why You’ll Love Them

Unique Story: Each float is a piece of history with its own bubbles and imperfections.

Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled glass, they're a nod to sustainable practices.

Versatile Decor: Perfect for coastal, bohemian, or eclectic styles.


Get Your Own Piece of History

At Wabi Sabi Shop, we occasionally get our hands on these unique Japanese glass floats. Now, you can bring a piece of maritime history into your home! Check our store regularly for new arrivals and let these beautiful, historic ornaments add a splash of charm to your space. We ship worldwide, so everyone can enjoy these timeless treasures.

Dive in and let these floats bring a splash of charm to your space!

Vintage Japanese Glass Floats

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