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Shirokiya Denbei Harimi Dustpan

Shirokiya Denbei Harimi Dustpan

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You don't want to tuck this dustpan away; instead, you want it to be displayed. It's a beautiful cleaning tool.

Established in 1830, Shirokiya Denbei is a specialty store producing and selling Edo brooms. They're based in Kyobashi, Tokyo. 

Harimi Dustpan is created by treating Japanese washi paper with persimmon tannin. The tannin in persimmons works as an insect repellent. The dust it collects does not attach to it since it does not generate static electricity. When you tilt it over, the rubbish slides right into the trash can.

The outer frame is enforced by bamboo twine, making Harimi light and strong. It has a small hole so that you can thread a string through it and hang it on a broom or hook.

Use it by lightly pressing it against the floor. While the opening is shaped like a bow, when pressed, it will fit on the ground, allowing you to easily sweep in the dust and debris.

Because it is made of paper, the opening is only about 1 mm thick. This keeps debris from becoming stuck in the crack. You'll have no trouble catching all the debris.

Persimmon tannin creates a rich texture.

Depending on what you want to use it for, choose Large for a broom and Small for a small broom or brush. You can hang it up for storage by threading a string through the hole.

Made in Tokyo, Japan


Japanese washi paper


Large 28 x 31 to 9.5 cm, Small 20 x 21 x 6.5 cm

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