Harimi: The most beautiful dustpan

Harimi: The most beautiful dustpan

You don't want to tuck this dustpan away; instead, you want it to be displayed. It's a beautiful cleaning tool.

Harimi is a paper dustpan made by paper coated it with persimmon tannin. The persimmon tannin coating creates a beautiful color and texture. The persimmon tannin has an insect repellent effect, and since it does not generate static electricity, the dust it collects does not cling to the paper and falls into the trash.

Unlike metal or plastic dustpans, when it's pressed against the floor, it will follow the floor and collect the dust without letting much escape. The natural material also prevents static electricity. When you tilt it on the trash can, the trash falls easily down the trash can.

Harimi’s edges are made of bamboo thread, which adds to its durability. It has enough durability to be used on a daily basis. I've had my Harimi for almost seven years. It is still going strong.

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