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Pure Titanium Double-Walled Tumbler Pottery Series

Pure Titanium Double-Walled Tumbler Pottery Series

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This tumbler, although metal, feels like silk and has a unique presence. 

Double-walled tumbler will provide thermal insulation for hot and cold drinks, allowing hot drinks to remain hot and cold drinks to stay cold longer than a standard cup. 

The texture of the surface is created by the varying crystal patterns that appear when titanium is heated in an oven at 1,055 degrees Celsius. Titanium is tasteless, odorless, lightweight, durable, and doesn’t rust. Titanium is also known to be material that is hard to manipulate. The Japanese engineers at Horie developed the welding technology to create the tumbler with smooth delicate thin rim while being double-walled. The thinner the rim, the less the tumbler distracts from the drinks as you sip. Enjoy a frothy head of beer with this premium light tumbler!

Material: Pure Titanium
Size: 350 cc, 7 x 13.5 cm
Made in Japan
Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture



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