Miso Muddler: Great Tool When Homemade Miso Soup

Do you make and enjoy your own miso soup at home? Or do you love the miso soup served at your favorite Japanese restaurant and want to try making it at home? Either way, I have a great tool with you!

You may not know what this tool is at first glance, but it is actually a very convenient tool (a secret weapon!) when making miso soup. It's called AUX Measuring Miso Muddler. When I first used it, i thought it truly was a game changer!

By putting it into the pot of miso and turning it around, you can easily measure out the miso. Then you can put it in the pot and dissolve the miso in the soup. You can always make your miso soup with a constant seasoning. Cleaning up is easy too. The muddler can also be used it to beat eggs, make dressing, and many other things in the kitchen. It is a very handy little tool to keep in your kitchen. This product is made using the world's best metal processing techniques that Tsubame Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture is proud of.

Miso soup is probably one of the easiest soups you can make at home.
All you have to do is cook some seasonal ingredients in dashi broth and dissolve the miso in it. The ingredients you pick will do the flavouring for you. Tofu, green onions, spinach, onions, fried tofu, mushrooms, pumpkin, potato, or mushroom. Whatever the ingredients you like. You name it. You can also mix several different ingredients to make a delicious miso soup.

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